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Moselsteig Trail Stage 03: Nittel – Konz

  • start: Nittel: Railway station directly on the B 419 (junction of Uferstraße and Weinstraße)
  • destination: Konz: Konz railway station on Bahnhofstraße
  • difficult
  • 22,49 km
  • 6 hours 30 minutes
  • 570 m
  • 340 m
  • 130 m
  • 80 / 100
  • 80 / 100

Rocks and fields between the Saar and Moselle.

Steep rock faces and wide-open fields are the characteristic features of this section of the trail. Just after leaving the wine-growing village of Nittel, hikers are treated to breathtaking views across the Moselle Valleyand over to impressive limestone cliffs. The visible sedimentary layers of these rocks, created some 210 million years ago, by the Trias Sea, reveal a glimpse of the Earth's history. The Moselsteig Trail follows these cliffs through varied countryside in the Nittel Cliffs Nature Reserve. Be sure to make a short detour to the orchid meadow to admire these rare plants in their natural environment. The trail continues on steep paths through the forestand finally along the "Stations of the Cross" before descending into the town of Konz. This town, which lies at the mouth of the River Saar, invites visitors to stop a while with its interesting points of interest, such as the Roscheider Hof Open Air Cultural History Museum.


General information


The access route sign posting guides you from the starting point of this leg at the Nittel railway station along the wine route through the town, up to the “Im Blümchen” road. From here, the trail leads through quiet residential roads to the outskirts of the town. After crossing the road, you are already in the midst of the vineyards, which accompany you on a slightly ascending path to the foot of the Nitteler cliffs.

On this section, you can discover a few pieces of the Sculpture Path. Most of them are art works created from the Upper Moselle typical limestone. The trail continues past lime stone rocks. Don’t forget to look upwards at the impressive cliffs, and downwards to the Moselle Valley. The trail steeply descends along a vineyard, and then continues at a moderate incline and a beautiful view of the Moselle Valley to the Nittel Cliff Path. Here, you will face a small challenge, but it’s worth it: On the next section, you need good footwear and a steady foot. The trail runs closely along the slope edge - first steeply uphill, then a little flatter. But always with fantastic views of Nittel and the Moselle. At an open grassy slope, the Moselsteig Trail leaves the Nitteler Cliff Trail. Take this opportunity, to have another good look of the river!

After a short, steep ascent you will reach the plateau, and the landscape changes completely compared to the section you have hiked on so far. Here you have an extensive view of the agriculture lands. The Moselsteig Trail now continues across field and meadow paths, sometimes open, sometimes protected by hedgerows, through the arable farming landscape. The trail changes direction a few times, continues uphill and downhill and reaches an ascent at the edge of the forest. Here, a lounger allows you to enjoy the vista towards Luxembourg once again. Continue a short way along the edge of the forest and later through the forest, in parallel direction.

After a winding path, you will continue on a section with wider forest paths, which will continue after crossing the country road. At the next junction, you have the option of taking an access path to Temmels (railway station). The trail continues to the edge of the forest and, once you have crossed a tar road, it continues through a small forest. At the slope edge, you will reach the resting place above Fellerich. You have now managed about half of the section to Konz, and are rewarded with a view of Fellerich, Tawern and far into the Hunsrück (see author’s tip).

Above the Fellerich vineyards, the tour continues at the same height. After a loop, the trail continues on a lower terrain level, and you will find yourself in the midst of the vineyards with a view of the Albach Valley, your next destination, which is not far anymore. The trail steeply descends through the vineyards to Albach. For a while, the Moselsteig Trail continues on a flat wood path, parallel to the stream. After crossing a bridge, you will hike along the stream on a narrow path. This is followed by another short section on a wider path at the valley floor, and the long and steep ascent through the forest towards the Löschemer Chapel.

Halfway, a special experience awaits you, if you like: a detour to the orchid meadow - a true orchid paradise - which is connected via an access loop (which again meets up at the Löschemer Chapel) to the Moselsteig Trail. In flowering season, this nature reserve on the Wasserliescher mountain is a wonderful botanical event. The favourable climate and good soil conditions have brought out a multitude of, by now, rare and protected plants and animals, especially orchids. Admire the most significant orchid deposit in Germany, which with a total of 28 species, includes wild orchids, Lizard Orchids and Yellow Gentian.

The main trail continues uphill in the forest. Almost at the top, the access route branches off towards Saarburg, with the first stopover at Tawern. The trail now winds through a flat section through the forest, and after a last path section, it reaches the Löschemer Chapel. The chapel is located directly at the slope edge, and open up a wonderful view: Towards the East, you will see Konz and the Moselle Valley at Trier, to the North, you can see the Eifel in good weather.

The descent from the chapel first follows a steep “station of the cross”, followed by a short flat section. The last section is a steep descent. The trail now passes sandstone rocks and takes you through an impressive beech forest. Continue on a short forest path and the Moselsteig Trail reaches the outskirts of the town Wasserliesch. Now you just need to walk through a residential area and you will arrive at the railway crossing. From here, an access route takes you to the centre of the town or to the Wasserliesch railway station.

In direction of Konz, you continue hiking across the railway line and the country road. After a short section along the road, the Moselsteig Trail continues along the little-used railway line. The grassy road changes into a path which winds through the dense forest. The trail briefly touches the banks of the river Saar (only a few metres away from the mouth of the Saar), and a short section takes you back to the green country side, before continuing to Konz over the Saar Bridge. The access route connects at the traffic circle, which takes you to Konz central railway station, the end of this leg.

  • Sturdy hiking footwear
  • Appropriate weatherproof hiking gear
  • Picnic lunch

Take a picnic lunch with you, as there are no refreshment stops on this stage. One of the best places to stop off to rest and rechargeis the rest area above Fellerich.

Getting there

Starting point: Nittel via the B 419

Destination: Konz via the B 419


Nittel: By the railway station along the B 419.

Konz: There are parking spaces near Konz main railway station and at the Konz-Mitte rail halt.

Public transit

You can reach the stage towns Nittel (train station) as well as Konz (train station Konz Mitte) by train (RB 82).

There are regular connections. Please note that during the school vacations of Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland, at weekends and on public holidays there may be restrictions on the frequency! Please check the daily timetable on the website of the Verkehrsverbund Region Trier (VRT): www.vrt-info.de



Literature (only available in German):

"Moselsteig" - Offzieller Moselsteig-Wanderführer von ideemedia, 14,95 €

Authors: Ulrike Poller, Wolfgang Todt, publisher: ideemedia, 300 pages with around 300 images, altitude profiles, QR codes and GPS Tracks (in German), Format 11,5 x 23 cm, ISBN: 978-3-942779-21-0, 14,95 €


"Official Moselsteig Trail hiking maps" in pocket format:

The entire route is divided into 3 maps:

Leisure Map Moselsteig - Map 1: Perl - Trier (Stages 1 - 4), ISBN: 978-3-89637-419-6

Leisure Map Moselsteig - Map 2: Trier – Zell (Moselle) (Stages 5 -14), ISBN: 978-3-89637-420-2

Leisure Map Moselsteig - Map 3: Zell (Moselle) – Koblenz (Stages 15 -24) ISBN: 978-3-89637-421-9

Individual maps: €5.90

Set of 3 maps: € 14.50 (ISBN: 978-3-89637422-6)



Premium set consisting of the official hiking guide including set of 3 hiking maps. Publisher: ideemedia, ISBN: 978-3-942779-24-1, 26,95 €



The hiking guides and the maps are available in bookstores or on the website https://www.visitmosel.de/wandern/service-infos-tipps under the heading “Ordering brochures”.


Leisure Map Moselsteig Trail – Map 1: Perl - Trier (Stages 1 - 4), ISBN: 978-3-89637-419-6

Additional Information

Mosellandtouristik GmbH

Kordelweg 1, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues; Phone: +49 (6531) / 97330



Saar-Obermosel-Touristik e. V.

Graf-Siegfried-Straße 32, 54439 Saarburg; Phone: +49 (6581) / 995980

Saarstraße 1, 54329 Konz; Phone: +49 (6501) / 6018040



This tour is presented by: Mosel. Faszination Urlaub, Author: Mosellandtouristik GmbH

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